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— Éva Raposa is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Soul Business Doula for up-and-coming entrepreneurs ready to enjoy a thriving business with sold-out offerings - even working part-time hours!

This page is… as promised… a page about me (me = Éva! Hi! ::waving::). We’ll start with a bio that I wrote in the 3rd person, always such a funny dynamic… and the rest is personal details about me and some of my business background. I even recently added a whole bunch of pictures to share about what’s important in my life. If what you really want to know about is how we can work together, click here for that. Otherwise, here begins the page that’s All About Éva. ::ahem:: Yes, I mean all about me…!

The longer official bio

Yes, I am officially a tree hugger! HAHA! (But seriously)

Yes, I am officially a tree hugger! HAHA! (But seriously)

Éva Raposa is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Soul Business Doula for up-and-coming entrepreneurs ready to enjoy a thriving business with sold-out offerings - even working part-time hours!

Her eye for design and knack for strategy, together make Éva an irreplaceable team member for your growing online presence. (Especially if you value your time, income, and clients!) 

Éva earned the Digital Marketing Strategist title through years of successfully building her own online businesses. As a world-renowned raw food coach and online course creator, she has led hundreds of clients through raw food teacher trainings and thousands through her online courses.

Since the birth of her daughter — Miss Lilla, age 7 — Éva has worked part-time hours and encourages other moms to do the same. Working together, you’ll leverage your time and thrive as you build your soul business. You absolutely can still earn full-time income without overworking, and that is exactly why it pays to hire Éva.

My “WHY” in photos

Without using a few real-life photos to paint the picture of my life, I don’t know how to even almost… somewhat… fully express how much it means to me to work from my laptop, enjoy total flexibility, and be the kind of mom I always wanted to be. I love my life so much that I’m sitting here crying tears of joy even to type this out. EVERY WOMAN DESERVES THIS FREEDOM, JOY, AND FLEXIBILITY! The rat race is not for me, and it most definitely doesn’t have to be for you!

Photo Notes:

  • SP and Rio are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My husband is Brazilian, and we love to spend time with family, friends, and adventures in Brazil! He (Carlos!) snapped the photo at the farmers’ market, and the other one was just a selfie.

  • Houston was the 2016 location for the Green Party Convention {“Houston, we have a solution!”}, and we were thrilled to learn from the front lines about what the Green Party stands for + meet many Green movers and shakers. A super nice guy there offered to photograph us with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, but I don’t remember his name to credit him here!

  • Budapest is one of my favorites cities and super special to me because we have family there, and my father was Hungarian. All Budapest photos here are credit to the marvelous Adam Bognar.

  • MVY is the abbreviation for Martha’s Vineyard and is the place where I fell in love with Carlos. At first sight, no less! Since that day in 2005, “the island” has been our home base and is an incredibly treasured part of our lives. The picture was snapped on my phone by a lovely stranger, on our 7th anniversary.

  • London is such a kick-ass place! We somehow didn’t manage to snap a single picture there with Carlos (he’s just not a fan of being photographed!), but he WAS there with us for 20 of our 30 days spent in the UK this fall. The photo here is by Arturo Noriega, a cool cat from Mexico living his dream traveling the world.


business-related noteS

You don't want just anyone messing with your business, marketing, or website! Allow me a moment to share some of my business-related experience, qualifications, and viewpoints. 

  • 💻 WEBSITE GEEKINESS. I taught myself HTML in 2006 in the hopes that I'd snag a marketing position I coveted (the Director of Marketing & Development for a continuing education company that was doing business in 20-something states at the time)

  • 🎉 PROFESSIONAL MARKETING/OFFICE EXPERIENCE. I indeed won that position as the Director of Marketing & Development! For the same business, I also worked in data entry, as the office manager, and as the Director of Programs & Events. This combination of experience—along with owning my own businesses—helps me to see many of the connecting elements of a successful business.

  • 💰 VISION + HEART + STRATEGY = SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES. In Brazil, we opened a café that was turning a profit within months! And I opened an English language school with the classes fully sold out. I've seen the same happen in my raw food business—selling out classes, programs, and retreats. And with my website design business—which started out with a bang when I pitched a website to four different business owners in one month. (And all four said "yes!". That was a very busy and exciting first month!!)

  • 💥 ENERGY MATTERS! One thing I've never been able to do is to build a business or create opportunities I don't actually want. Have you had this experience too? It's my belief that your passion for your chosen occupation, is as important as hard work and great strategy. (So let's be sure to rock 'em all, right?!)


on a MORE personal note...

I'm just going to free write here and hope some of this is interesting to you! And/or makes you want to hire me. Or, if we're not a good fit, lets you know that too...! 😜

  • 🇭🇺 I'm half Hungarian (De a magyar nem nagyon jó most. Sajnos!)

  • My husband is half Italian 🇮🇹 and half Brazilian 🇧🇷

  • 🌈 So that means our daughter Lilla is a quarter (ish) of all four nationalities!

  • And really, she is way cooler than I am. 😳

  • 🍎 I'm hugely obsessed with raw foods because I went from sick to well in 3 days flat when I decided in 2007 to try going raw “just to see what would happen”!

  • 📊 Which is probably why I finally went from hobby biz to ALL IN teaching raw foods in 2009. (July 1, 2009 to be exact. And that same week was the first week I sent out a weekly newsletter. 💌 My yoga teacher friend Penny Powell will always be remembered as our first ever subscriber!)

  • ☎️ As much as I love advanced software and online geekery, I'm pretty old school. I often turn OFF tech to stay sane and even use a special technology that allows me to reply to my cell phone's text messages via a desktop computer app, during working hours!

  • 🚣 I stumbled on Martha's Vineyard for a biking trip in 2005, and the very next day I met my husband.

  • 😍 It was love at first sight, and we just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary...!

  • I feel like emojis bring color to the world. I love them almost awkwardly so. ::AHEM::

And... I  love   marketing.

But not just any ole kind of marketing...! Heart-based, aligned, feel-good marketing that connects with your ideal clients.

Is that why you're here?