Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist

Female Entrepreneurs

Divine self-care is non-optional for female entrepreneurs. It helps make space for magic and growth. This is why you "Embody Your Goddess"...! 

Éva at West Chop (Vineyard Haven, on Martha's Vineyard)

Éva at West Chop (Vineyard Haven, on Martha's Vineyard)


Birth Your SOUL Business!

We humans are whole people.

To birth your soul business, you absolutely must look at your lifestyle, your energy, the heart behind your strategies, AND your reasons for (and ways of) being.

I believe in business that doesn’t sacrifice life, and life that doesn’t sacrifice business. Gaining weight, pushing past your limits, weakening relationships, feeling exhausted and burning the midnight oil, none of that is necessary to grow a successful business.

You’re here because you wanna feel like a total goddess in all parts of your life, and I’m here to show you the way. YES, you’ll likely have some challenges along the way, but it can also be easier than you ever imagined possible. Especially with support!

Éva Raposa =

✦ Business | Part Business Strategist ✦

With a specialty in simplification. Let’s turn a $%#* of a project into a JOY!

✦ Lifestyle | Part Lifestyle Coach ✦

Think: food but not dieting, the self-care formula that will keep you sane as you bust through your limits, creating a lifestyle that feels good to LIVE

✦ Energy | Part Energy Multiplier ✦

We’ll uncover your energy drains, and pour ’em into the drain!

✦ Alchemist | And… Part Glenda the Good Witch. ✦

Or so it seems. When we work together, things become so simple, obvious, and easy, that it’s almost like I’m telling you to click your heels three times. And that’s part of my magic.