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A "Get 'er DONE" Session is just how it sounds. We get things DONE. Faster than you imagined possible + strategically & systematically spot on. Let's Get 'er DONE!


One thing my clients love is my knack for simplifying pretty much everything while simultaneously making all the moving parts work together seamlessly.

AND, of course that I love to Get Things DONE. But not just done... done beautifully and effectively, in the simplest way possible.. 

#TRUTH: When you're working with the right professional, it doesn't have to be long, difficult, or tedious to create solid foundations. 

So you might have any number of projects you're sitting on because of the learning curve and potential time involved.

Love... we can get 'er done for one of those projects... in one fun 30- or 90-minute session.

And then, reap the results! In one session (finally):

✦ collect ideal clients' email addresses + connect with them on auto-pilot
✦ follow an easy-peasy template to create your weekly newsletters. It's so good because you can connect, build trust, and establish rapport and authority! Even if this is your side hustle. FOR NOW. YESSS!
✦ see those same ideal clients book discovery sessions on your beautifully set up online agenda
✦ watch your deadline funnel turn lookers into buyers + collect the *PINGS* in your PayPal and/or Stripe accounts. PING! PING! PING! PING!
✦ make a SOLID step-by-step plan to ditch the website shame. Why not be PROUD to give out your business cards and web address?!

LET GO of Analysis Paralysis. STOP waiting to build your business. DON'T EVEN waste your precious time on learning curves that don't serve you. INSTEAD... Let's GET 'ER DONE!



  1. You DECIDE that you are ready to (finally?!) GET 'ER DONE and that you are willing to be supported rather than set intentions for the next 3 lunar cycles.

  2. Depending on the size of your project, you BUY either a 30-minute or a 90-minute session toward the bottom of this page. You'll see more info below about how much time we'll need for different project sizes.

  3. When you pay for your session, you'll also auto-magically receive an email with a link to book your session AND to answer some questions about your project. BOOK your session + ANSWER those questions!

  4. When I see the answers to your questions, I'll send you a quick confirmation email. I also may ask you clarifying questions and/or give you access to any of my resources that can help you make the most of our session.

  5. You'll SHOW UP to our session ready, and together we'll GET 'ER DONE! YESSS!

  6. Within 48 hours of our session, I'll email you with a quick follow-up video and/or resource(s) to help you make the most of the project we've completed together. 😘



(or: Questions I  imagine you'd Ask!)

How likely are we to complete what's planned during the time frame you suggest? 
(Seriously, can we really do all of this in 90 minutes?! As an example: create your mailing list template, add the opt-in form to your website, AND set up your welcome email to send auto-magically.)

I've suggested the items in the lists below, based on how long they typically take me to complete. Keep in mind that I'm not a fumbling novice! And that we WILL be looking at strategy while we bring it all together. So if there are simple tweaks we can make to make it all work better for your goals, we'll do it during that time frame. Many of the "90-minute" lists could be completed in more like 60 minutes, but we'll spend some time looking at the content as well to make sure it's spot on.

What if we don't get everything done in the 30- or 90-minute time frame?

Because this is a time-based offering, the only thing I can guarantee to you is that we'll spend the amount of time you've booked on your project. That said, if something might just take another, say, 5-15 minutes to finish up the project or mini-project, I'll take that extra few minutes. 

And what do I do NEXT?

Each session includes access to a quick follow-up video with best practices to help you make the most of the time we spent together. In some cases, I may have already created a video that's perfect for your situation, but sometimes the video will be customized to you personally. 

As an example... let's say that we created your email template, opt-in confirmation email, and newsletter template. GO US! In that case, I'd share a private video with a few tips and best practices to get into (and stay in!) the habit of sending regular newsletters. 

What if I change my mind or want a refund?

You'll immediately have info to help you in your confirmation email + you're booking my time. For those and quite a few other reasons, this is a no-refund offering. If you don't really want to get your thing DONE, DO NOT book a Get 'er Done session!

What if I don't even know what I want to do or write in my mailing list email confirmation?!

I'll let you in on a little secret... I have a LOT of tools at my fingertips to help clients. When I see your booking come through and know what you want to do based on your questionnaire answers, I'll most likely give you access to one or more tools (like short videos or checklists or sketches showing the process) to help you along.

As an example, I have a whole (secret!) page devoted to setting up your email opt-in. That page includes a personal video chatting you through the process, with several images of sketches I made to make sense of it for you, and a checklist of what you'll need to have in hands.

I've made it REALLY EASY for you to be prepared on your end. Then we'll *BOOM* have our session and get it all out there in the world!

How long do I have to set up my session?

You have up to 30 days to set up your session, or your fee AND session will be forfeited. The reason: this offering is for entrepreneurs who want to GET 'ER DONE! If you don't really want to get your thing DONE, DO NOT book a Get 'er Done session! 

What if I need to change the time for my session? Or don't show up?

You may re-book your session one time, with at least 24 hours' notice. If you don't show up for the session, we will not be able to reschedule it. Thank you for understanding that this offering is for folks who want to Get 'er DONE! 😎

When will you next be available for a session?

I've set aside some time on Tuesdays and Saturdays specifically for these sessions. But please, for the love of all things good, do not wait to book your time into my calendar. At the time of writing, I'm not available until MARCH 2019 for custom projects!

Note: I will update this page when I no longer have space in my calendar for Get 'er Done sessions. If it can be booked, I still have some space in my calendar. (A quick way to see what kind of space is potentially available in my calendar is to <<check out my free call booking page>>. I'm also happy to work something out with you if our schedules and time zones aren't super compatible. Feel free to ask me about alternative times that can work for you on Tuesdays or Saturdays.)


Option 1: Quickie

30-Minute Session


This is ideal for the entrepreneur who likes to DIY sometimes but needs a push in the right direction. You can potentially finish up what we start together, and you prefer the "Done WITH You" rather than "Done FOR You" approach.

✦ quick dive into your strategy AND
✦ set up one item

✦ creating your mailing list template,
✦ adding an opt-in form to your website,
✦ setting up your welcome email to send auto-magically,
✦ choosing the right Squarespace template to build your website,
✦ building your Facebook page,
✦ or... something else. Feel free to <<get in touch>> to clarify what we can get DONE.


30-minute get 'er done  quickie
Investment: $275


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option 2: Intensive

90-Minute Session


Choose this option because you don't have the time, desire, or bandwidth to DIY. And definitely not to DIAY! Meaning: Do It ALL Yourself! You want it - at least mostly - done for you. You recognize that every week and month you DON'T Get 'Er Done, is costing you far more money than this intensive!

✦ quick dive into your strategy AND
✦ set up one set of related items like those in the options below

✦ build out AND write the copy for AND plan the purpose of your 1-page simple starter site
✦ creating your mailing list template, adding the opt-in form to your website, AND setting up your welcome email to send auto-magically.
✦ choosing the right Squarespace template to build your website AND creating a “done with you” plan to get it DONE within 2-5 sessions (varies depending on your requirements and what you have in hands already, with significantly less time required if you're doing some of the work and just leaving the heavy lifting for me!). 
✦ creating a gorgeous text-based logo AND your branding palette AND branding plan, using the colors YOU love and my branding palette template.
✦ or... another lovely project. This is just the start of what we can do. Feel free to <<get in touch>> to find out more about what we can do together.


90-minute get 'er done intensive


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