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Strategy Mapping (Session & Blueprint)

Strategy Mapping (Session & Blueprint)

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Strategy Mapping gives you customized insights to help you:

  • Conquer social media with grace and without it being a gigantic time suck
  • Clarify & magnify your brand's message and image
  • Plan your overall strategy so that you STOP leaving money on the table (seriously, though!)
  • Connect with potential customers via your digital presence, even when you and/or your brick & mortar are closed down for the night
  • FINALLY put all of the marketing pieces together so it's easier to delegate to employees and/or contractors
  • Know - with ease - which marketing activities give you the best return on investment (and which are best skipped)

How this co-creation works:

  1. You answer some basic questions about your business and schedule a mutually agreeable time to meet with me. (If you're not on island, we can meet by video. If you're on island, let's meet in person. My VH office is super cozy and stocked with plenty of teas and treats...!)
  2. Based on your initial questions, I'll create an additional set of questions to be answered. It's essential that we dive deep. These are NOT cookie cutter questions; they are just for you. You may answer some of the questions ahead of time, or you may save that for our session.
  3. We meet for up to 2 hours for some rapid-fire Q&A and those deeper questions. In our session, we get to the heart of how the pieces of your business connect together, how your business connects with potential clients, and how you can rock your most aligned marketing strategies.
  4. After our session, I create a customized & fully editable blueprint for you that can be immediately implemented, by you or your team members. When there are additional resources that can make your life much easier, I will share those with you. (And believe you me, I am full of them!!) If there are ways I can personally support you, I'll share those too.
  5. We plan a follow-up 1-hour session within 21 days of completion of your blueprint. This gives you space to ask questions, tweak the details if needed, and to celebrate together!

Special Pricing Note:

If one of your best next steps is to build or redesign your website so that it's more effective at bringing you ideal clients, guess what? You'll be able to apply 100% of the cost of our Strategy Mapping to the cost of your website build. (Websites start at $1875, so you'd already have paid more than half of the cost. As of April 2018, all website builds begin with Strategy Mapping, which is how and why I'm able to offer this to you.)

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to call, email, or book at meeting with me at the contact page here.

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