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SHM • Day 1

7 Side Hustle MUSTS
{Day 1 - Web SITE}


This private page was set up for you to access the videos about the 7 Side Hustle MUSTS for a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable online business… that brings in FULL-TIME INCOME in part-time hours. Huzzah! Let’s dive into…


Day 1 / Your Web *SITE*

In this video:

  • 0:33 // The meaning + usage of a Web SITE (different from “website”!)

  • 1:53 // The beginning website mistake

    “The one thing that you need to have a business? Clients who are giving you money.”

  • 2:55 // Being real - behind the scenes what’s happening and why I’ve taken down MY bigger website

  • 5:30 // Example of LeafGirlStudio.com 

  • 7:00 // Your invitation of the day


journal prompts:

If you DO have a website already:

  • Is your website in alignment with the way you want to position yourself?

  • Does your website do its JOB? (i.e. get clients on the phone, on your email list, connecting with you, inspired by you, etc.)

  • Would you be better served by relaunching and simplifying, just for now?

If you DO NOT have a website yet:

  • What is the ONE THING you’d like potential clients to do this week, that will build your business most effectively? (Most likely this is one of two things: hop on a call with you OR join your email list to be nurtured)

  • What is the MESSAGE you’d like those potential clients to read/hear/know about you?

  • Plan strategically: what do you have on offer for those potential clients?


To Create a Starter Web SITE:

  • FIRST - I want to note I’m not affiliated with any of the below resources. I just personally have enjoyed using them and recommend them! I am a member of “Squarespace Circle” and can pass on a 20% savings to my website clients when I build their sites. However, the links below are unrelated to that and are non-affiliate links.

  • Squarespace - By far, my favorite online platform for creating a gorgeous website, in a simple way. HINT: If you’d like to build a simple single page, you can build a “cover page” [details here!] which makes it ridiculously easy compared to building out a full website.

  • Etsy - a GREAT way to build a store if you’re in the USA and creating handmade items

  • GoDaddy - this is where you’d go to buy a domain (like www.EvaRaposa.com or Facebook.com or your chosen business name in the www. format). You can use the coupon code cjc99com to change the price to just over $1 for your first year. Again - not affiliated - I just use their service and know that code.

  • A cool trick using your domain from ANY domain/hosting company? If you want potential clients to land on a MailChimp landing page, an Etsy shop, or even your Facebook page or profile temporarily, you can forward the domain to that address. That way you can start giving out your website name even before it’s fully built…!

  • MailChimp - free for up to 2,000 subscribers, you can build an email list with their software. AND THEN, if you do, you can have your domain (as mentioned in the cool trick above) forward over to the landing page on MailChimp! SO, you can send someone to a page on MailChimp but without either of you needing to remember a long gobbly-gook kind of name!


And Your Invitation, my dear!

For a (genuinely!) limited time, I’m offering a free no-strings 30-minute strategy session to those of you who want help with pinpointing your next steps in alignment with creating a part-time business that’s profitable, sustainable and oh-so-enjoyable. 😎 😍 😘 CLICK HERE or the big green button above to book yourself into my agenda.