Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist

SHM • Day 3

7 Side Hustle MUSTS
{Day 3 - Optimize Your Opt-in}


This private page was set up for you to access the videos about the 7 Side Hustle MUSTS for a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable online business… that brings in FULL-TIME INCOME in part-time hours. Huzzah! Let’s dive into…


Day 3 / optimize your opt-in

In this video:

  • 0:19 // Quick explanation - what is an opt-in?

  • 1:10 // The next-step results of an opt-in. Get folks connecting, working with you, etc.

  • 2:37 // What you need to make sure you do in an opt-in to connect!

  • 3:25 // What you want to make sure of in order to be authentic in what you share for your opt-in

  • 4:10 // Why this matters for the LONG-TERM!

  • 5:12 // Your invitation of the day. ha!


questions/Next steps

What can you share?

  • What can you walk potential clients through, that would be super helpful to them?

  • What are the steps they’d take, the questions they’d ask, the tips they’d need to do it successfully?

What method feels good?

  • A simple email series?

  • Videos of your screen? Or, videos of YOU?

  • A challenge of sorts?

  • A single tutorial?


These are my personal favorite tools for sharing an opt-in:

  • Squarespace - Create a cover page (see a bit more about this on Day 1’s resources) to invite folks to join you

  • MailChimp - It’s literally FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, and you can create an automation that has all the emails nicely organized together for several days in a row. Plus the result can be GORGEOUS!!

  • QuickTime Player - If you have a Mac, this software came FREE with your computer and is my favorite way to film videos for opt-ins. It even lets you trim the videos in a couple clicks!

  • Loom - This is another option for filming videos. It’s a FREE Chrome extension that lets you film your screen, you, or BOTH at the same time. Fun for tutorials!


And Your Invitation, my dear!

For a (genuinely!) limited time, I’m offering a free no-strings 30-minute strategy session to those of you who want help with pinpointing your next steps in alignment with creating a part-time business that’s profitable, sustainable and oh-so-enjoyable. 😎 😍 😘 CLICK HERE or the big green button above to book yourself into my agenda.