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SHM • Day 6

7 Side Hustle MUSTS
{Day 6 - Keep Moving FORWARD}


This private page was set up for you to access the videos about the 7 Side Hustle MUSTS for a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable online business… that brings in FULL-TIME INCOME in part-time hours. Huzzah! Let’s dive into…


Day 6 / keep moving - forward

In this video:

  • :25 // “Money Loves Speed!” 

  • 1:03 // Perfection Paralysis. You can be perfecting FOREVER if you don’t watch it!

  • 1:28 // Incremental upgrades 

  • 2:26 // Sometimes it’s the ACTION that provides the clarity that you need… so you don’t take the action? You won’t get the insights! 

  • 4:00 // The most effective kinds of action you can take 

  • 4:58 // Your invitation of the day


And Your Invitation, my dear!

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