Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist

Side Hustle Sisterhood

Welcome to the SIDE HUSTLE SISTERHOOD. A place where you can be yourself, Thrive (with a capital “T”! YEAH!), and brick-by-brick build the side hustle that allows you ridiculously fabulous flexibility! While surrounded and supported by soul sisters, cheering you on all the way!


Our end goal?
Freedom, baby!

There’s something to be said (actually there’s basically EVERYTHING to be said!) about having freedom, making things happen… going where we DREAM of going… living how we DREAM of living… it’s a DREAM come… TRUE. It’s my reality, loves. Every ding-dang day I’m grateful for that!



FYI: This “sales page” is being written on the spot. Right now at 8:06pm on Monday, November 5 I’m sitting here tap-tap-tapping from my heart. Me to you.

This is where you are…

You’re missing one (or all?!) of The Big Three

  1. First thing you might be missing: A FACEBOOK PAGE.

    If this is you? Maybe you post stuff on your own page. Maybe you’re not sure how to create your own page. Maybe you’re even kind of in hiding. But you don’t have a Facebook business page, and you’re definitely not rocking the crap out of it. Or GEEZ, maybe you have one, but it’s ugly, dusty and/or no one knows it exists! (NOT EVEN YOUR MOMMA! ::gasp::)

  2. Second thing you might be missing: A GORGEOUS, STRATEGIC WEBSITE.

    This seems or seemed too complex. You get twisted, turned, upside down, and sidetracked as you think of everything you need to do to make a great website. OR. YUP. You might have one. But… same ole story… it’s ugly, dusty, and/or no one knows it exists! (NOPE. NOT EVEN YOUR MOMMA! ::shaking head::)

  3. Third thing that is part of your business foundation and might be completely MIA: AN OPT-IN. Where folks land on your site, give you their email addresses, and wait by their inboxes for you to email. Because they love you and want to hear from you!

    To be fair, I don’t have one for my new website either. But — no joke — give me until Friday of this week, and it will be up. Because as I sit with this and totally get the shoes you’re walking in, I know what’s needed for the Side Hustle opt-in. To be fair, I have opt-ins all jazzed up for my raw food business. Anyways. You’re not doing this. Collecting emails. Emailing your people. Putting yourself out there, in their inboxes. AND THAT MEANS YOU ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE. Ouch.

Or maybe you’re not even clear
on your business plan?! 😱

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.41.00 PM.png


We’ll get you sorted,
and moving forward! 😎

HERE’S the solution I’M OFFERING YOU,
IN ONE Shiny, love-filled PACKAGE.

By this Friday, November 9, access to the Side Hustle Startup Kit (THAT I ALREADY ALMOST COMPLETELY FINISHED CREATING!!!!) that shows you the ins and outs of each of The Big Three. So that within months — or maybe even weeks — you’ll have your website, opt-in, Facebook, and MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS idea sorted.

I promise you that I will make it easier than pie. (That is my thing. Making things easy. Pie is welcomed too!)

I promise you that I will be there to hold your hand. Not literally. But you’ll know you are held!! And you’ll be able to ask me questions + get amazing amounts of support.

I promise you an ask-anything Facebook group with the Side Hustle Sisterhood you’ve been craving, where I will be active and answer your questions, inspire the kale out of you (yes — you might even have more bowel movements as you allow yourself to shine! bahaha! #sorrynotsorry if I went to far on this joke…), and to create a safe space.

And I would be blessed, honored, and thrilled to see you as one of the founding members of the Side Hustle Sisterhood. I hope that YOU TOO WOULD FEEL THAT WAY!

So… the “Before anyone else sees this page”
investment. You ready?

It’s ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS. Just kidding. Bahaha! Look. If you’re here in the first 24 hours, I want you to be able to say an easy-peasy “YES!” but also one that feels good for me. Like — HUZZAH! OMG. I’m getting paid for this thing that I’m freaking out excited to share!

pricing + details:

  • CLICK HERE or the green button below to pay $27/month for the resources and membership in our Sisterhood.

    • Whatever upgrades or eventual price increases happen, you’re in and locked into this rate.

    • This includes: Access to the Side Hustle Startup Kit (INCLUDING the ability to ask questions on the content!!) to all you need to easily launch your Facebook, opt-in, and gorgeous website. AND inclusion in our Side Hustle Sisterhood private group!

    • TERMS: Cancel ANYTIME. NO OBLIGATION. But also no refunds for this. The price is intended to be an easy yes and is either 1/2 or 1/3 of the starting cost that will be live just days from today. I want you to be “ALL IN!” — that’s the energy we’re looking for here!

And the 20/20 Bonus:

  • The first 20 women to join us will have a private 20-minute Clarity Call with Éva. During this call we’ll dive into YOUR specific challenges, questions, or even just have a quick sister-to-sister chat.

  • While it might sound like “only” 20 minutes, I (it’s obviously Éva writing! hi!) move FAST. And I don’t mess around. So who knows, that 20-minutes could be life changing for your business. But at the least, we’ll get to connect, which I very much look forward to!

This page is not fancy… I will make upgrades to it later… All potential Q’s probably haven’t been answered... If you have a question, REACH OUT. Click here for the official contact page or just… Facebook me. You know where to find me! 😘