Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist

Strategy Map Blueprint

The "Strategy Map Blueprint" is a custom-created and living document created for my clients. Below find details that pertain to both clients and team members.


Your "Strategy Map Blueprint" is customized to you using my proprietary process. No individual (not even you as my client) has permission to reproduce, copy, or reuse the blueprint outside of its intended use for support staff.

proprietary notice & copyright

The template in the "Strategy Map Blueprint", including all questions and notes in the pre-written part of the document, is proprietary material and copyright Éva Raposa. No part of the template is to be reproduced, copied, or reused without Éva’s express written permission.

To allow for flexibility, the fillable part of the document is editable. Therefore, notes in the fillable portion may have been written by Éva Raposa, the Client (named in the document), or by a mix of both individuals. Ultimately, all filled details were expressly written by and/or for the Client; those details may not be copied or reused without his or her express written permission.

Reproduction of the document, or portions thereof, requires both Éva’s and the Client's prior written approval. For Éva’s approval, you may email your request to eva@evaraposa.com

liability disclaimer

Because implementation by clients may vary, responsibility of the results of any strategic marketing is ultimately 100% the responsibility of the Client.