Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist


Triple Your SOUL Business

Triple Your SOUL Business
{while working less hours}

Whew! You’re in! Everything you need is right here on this page…


live workshop agenda

  • Join us for 60-75 minutes (MAX) with ZERO FLUFF on Thursday, January 17.

  • 8am PST, 11am EST, 2pm São Paulo, 4pm UK, 5pm Budapest, 7am (Jan. 18th) Sydney.

  • Psst, we have GIFTS for attending live(!) + the recording will be emailed to everyone

what we’ll cover:

  • EVERYTHING you need to know about this system to multiply your business (without working more hours!). Eeeeeeverything, my dear!

  • Exactly how many projects to have going at any time, so you’re not overwhelmed yet getting things DONE

  • How to choose the right projects

  • A place to Project Dump so you don’t have to remember every ding-dang idea you have (OMG, I so understand! haha!)

  • My daily planner — amazing! — you’ll see how and why it works like a charm!

  • How and why self-care is built into this simple system

  • The triple whammy foundation formula that glues everything together (it’s legit, like MAGIC!)

  • And, we’re going to do it all in less than 45 minutes. Huzzah!

why you want to join live
(if at all possible)

  • For those who are on live, I’ll give you access to the file I’ll share with you that makes this all so very clear in a single glance. So helpful! PLUS, one other surprise gift. Fun, fun, fun…!

SOME love notes

  • If you can’t be on live, I will be sending you the recording. PHEW!

  • I’ve never offered this workshop to the public before at no cost, and I don’t have plans to do it again. It will be worth every second of your time. So get yourself signed up, and I’ll see you there!

  • The cutie pie at the top of this page? That’s LILLA! She’s my 7-year-old, photographed in Budapest by the amazing Adam Bognar. Wanna know how we were able to travel to Europe for FOUR MONTHS last year, with me still GROWING my business in less hours? This so-very-amazing and proprietary planning system, my love. It works! Can’t wait to share it with you!