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Let’s build a website that works for you night and day, positions you as the perfect match for your ideal clients, AND inspires them to connect with you. 💞

While we can work together in other ways, the Weekend Warrior Website package (below) is the most comprehensive budget package I offer. Do get in touch with your questions so we can clarify your best fit, and get on with conquering ze world! 

budget package option:
Weekend Warrior Website

  • This website package is made especially for clients who are limited in both time and budget BUT who are ultra-committed and ready to take the next step.
  • We call it a "Weekend Warrior" website for two reasons.
    • YOU are what would be called a "Weekend Warrior". This may not YET be your full-time gig, so you're rocking it on the weekends. You're hustling and READY to really build your business to the next level of success, but you might still have a J-O-B to pay the bills. 
    • When it comes time for the actual build, we get 'er done in ONE WEEKEND. Yes, start to finish. While we can build your site on weekdays, it's also perfectly fine to devote two weekend days to you and your site.
  • Your website package includes:
    •  a 90-minute "Get 'er Done" intensive to help in strategically planning how your site fits seamlessly into your existing online presence, big goals, and availability
    • access to my exclusive website content builder mini course (This will help you to easily build out your website content in a way that's effective and actually even... FUN!)
    • two full working days devoted exclusively to you and your website
    • unlimited mini-sessions, questions answered, and support offered during your dedicated weekend
    • connection to your social media accounts, newsletter sign-up, and online agenda
    • follow-up videos to give you a tour of your new website, make it super easy to add and edit content, and really to make the most of your site
    • follow-up 1-hour session to be sure your questions are answered and you're ready to confidently take over your new site!

all the above included for only $3,475

✦ investment is automatically split into payments at no extra cost
✦ by application, pending availability
click to connect with me + book a call if you're interested in working together