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SHM • Day 2

7 Side Hustle MUSTS
{Day 2 - Slay Social YOUR Way}


This private page was set up for you to access the videos about the 7 Side Hustle MUSTS for a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable online business… that brings in FULL-TIME INCOME in part-time hours. Huzzah! Let’s dive into…


Day 2 / Slay Social *your* Way

In this video:

  • 0:13 // Social media? Is a SUPPLEMENT... and more on the purpose (hint: it’s connection!)

  • 1:40 // An analogy to spell out WHY it doesn't work to be on ALL social media channels if you don't have a big team

  • 2:49 // The AWESOME result of regularly connecting in the right places

  • 3:26 // Set a DEADLINE for yourself about how often you'll create meaningful and helpful content in the places where you're connecting with ideal potential clients

  • 3:58 // EXACTLY how Facebook works (i.e. the business model and their algorithms that decide whether or not your content will make it to the feeds of your right people!)

  • 5:26 // Case study from one of my clients whose Facebook I manage + saw a 2300% increase in engagement when I took over the page (!!)

  • 7:30 // Your invitation of the day. haha! And some questions to ask…!


journal + *action* Prompts

THINK about it:

  • What kind of posts do YOU comment on?

  • What pages do YOU follow and interact on?

  • What do you get EXCITED to post about?

  • Scroll through your profile to see... which pictures, posts, or links are most engaging?

DO IT (because if you’re not taking action, your business isn’t becoming REAL like the Velveteen Rabbit):

  • Be BOLDER than you're used to, perhaps, and share something on your favorite social media platform that's intended to be REAL, RAW, and CONNECTING.

  • Keep your ideal clients in mind, if you already know who they are.

  • Be honest with yourself: How often can you joyfully create a meaningful piece of content to share? THEN GIVE YOURSELF SOME DEADLINES FOR THIS WEEK!

  • Decide: which social media platform (which ONE) would you like to focus on building first?


The first two resources are FREE, and the final one is a GREAT and highly recommended way to get pro-quality photos on a budget when you’re just starting out.

  • Unsplash - FREE, high-resolution, royalty-free photos you can use.

  • Canva - FREE online resource made for non-professional graphic design (but pros use it too because it's GREAT!). You can find LOTS of social media templates. Pick your consistent colors and fonts. Create a template or few using THEIR templates with YOUR photos and branding touches. VOILA! An easy peasy way to have social media shares spiced up!

  • Check Airbnb EXPERIENCES for travel photos of YOU - If you live near a big city (or can easily travel to one), this can be great if you'd like to do a photo shoot on a budget. I've had quite a few pro photo shoots over the years for my business, but I've been SHOCKED by how high quality the ones were that I got for a song on Airbnb. (We’re talking, less than $100 for a pro photo shoot at all of London’s top sights!) You can see an example photo in London on the sign-up page for this very e-course!


And Your Invitation, my dear!

For a (genuinely!) limited time, I’m offering a free no-strings 30-minute strategy session to those of you who want help with pinpointing your next steps in alignment with creating a part-time business that’s profitable, sustainable and oh-so-enjoyable. 😎 😍 😘 CLICK HERE or the big green button above to book yourself into my agenda.