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Digital Marketing Strategist

Systems, Soul, & Strategy


Dear up-and-coming female entrepreneur,

NOTE: This is written for you especially for working moms, “weekend warriors” who still rock a day job, and/or for those those of you building your business in part-time hours. My dreamboat clients? You are spiritual, kind-hearted women aiming to make the world a better place while earning fabulous full-time income in part-time hours.

Look… So many women watch the other parts of their lives suffer when they attempt to grow their businesses.

Have you experienced these challenges too?

These are just a few examples I’ve seen with clients who came to me, ready to make a change. We’re starting with the red flags, but I hope you KNOW there is a better way!

  • Your husband or partner doesn’t always “get it”, and your relationship has already been challenged as you’ve started building your business. If you have one(!).

  • You feel like there is almost always “one more thing” to do.

  • You see so many women out there who seem to be effortlessly building their businesses, talking about $100,000 launches, and going on exotic vacations while their list and income still grow. You wonder “What am I missing?!”

  • On the one hand, you wonder if an amazing website would make all the difference. Especially considering that you currently have some #WebsiteShame. BUT… you suspect that it’s only a piece of the puzzle.

You know what, Éva? I’m ready for a change!

I haven’t yet ’cracked the code’ to HAVE IT ALL.

I desperately want to enjoy BALANCE
+ feel deeply nourished
+ live an exciting, adventurous life
+ have a THRIVING and growing business I absolutely love.

And I’m willing to do the work. But ::ahem:: I don’t want the journey of ‘doing the work’ to involve overwork and burnout. NOPE. NO THANKS.

While I don’t know the details, I do know there is a better way! So let’s do this thing! HUZZAH!
— YOU! These are some of the things you might say when it's a good fit to work together...

What if I told you that, there is a “code” to cracK?! but…

  • It’s not one-size-fits all.

  • It’s not overnight.

  • I don’t have a magic pill to offer to you.

  • You will almost definitely have to let go of some crusty old habits (that aren’t serving you anyways).


  • It’s all do-able.

  • I’ll be here for you every step of the way. Holding you accountable (without finger wagging!), giving you short-cuts.

  • You’ll have resources, support, and answers at your fingertips.

  • You will make massive strides, with a shocking level of ease and enjoyment. This is the power of the magical five S’s that bring the other $’s!

The 5 S’s That bring more $’s.

  • SOUL. You’re an amazing Human… Being… with a beautiful business that you intend as a unique expression of your life and your Soul.

  • STRATEGY. We don’t do “one-size-fits-all” strategy because you aren’t a cookie made from a cookie cutter! We’ll develop strategy that’s based on a mix of our combined intuition, testing, and experience.

  • SYSTEMS. Every business needs SOLID systems. Why? It’s a big part of how you grow and scale, but it’s also how you avoid extra + unnecessary working hours. Time you could spend joyfully serving clients, living your dream, and being the kind of woman you’re here to be.

  • SIMPLIFICATION. No one wins when you over-complicate. We’ll make sure that your strategy and systems are simple enough to WORK for you and with you!

  • SELF-CARE. Which comes last, but this is the foundation of it all. We know that you must take care of yourself to bring your A Game to your business. So you have Soul, Systems, & Strategy even for your self-care as part of the FUEL for your Soul Business. So beautiful!


Next Step, Option 1:

You don’t know yet what it looks like, but you’d like to work together in some way. Let’s have a friendly, no-obligation chat to see how I can help you and your business to BOTH thrive:


Next step, option 2:

So maybe you’re not quite ready to work together. But, you’re feeling a good connection and you’d be up for me sending you some free resources. Cool. I can dig that!