Éva Raposa
Digital Marketing Strategist

SHM • Day 7

7 Side Hustle MUSTS
{Day 7 - Get Support}


This private page was set up for you to access the videos about the 7 Side Hustle MUSTS for a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable online business… that brings in FULL-TIME INCOME in part-time hours. Huzzah! Let’s dive into…

Today's Video Audio


In this audio:

  • :18 // The kind of support I am (and am NOT!) talking about

  • :53 // How I’m personally choosing to get more support

  • 1:48 // Looking deeper… what support do you really need for success?!

  • 3:18 // Yes… your invitation… and a funny little Freudian slip! ha!

  • 4:40 // Have fun with this…! THANK YOU FOR JOINING IN ON THIS JOURNEY!!!!


And Your final Invitation, my dear!

For a (genuinely!) limited time, I’m offering a free no-strings 30-minute strategy session to those of you who want help with pinpointing your next steps in alignment with creating a part-time business that’s profitable, sustainable and oh-so-enjoyable. 😎 😍 😘 CLICK HERE or the big green button above to book yourself into my agenda.